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80's are back!

By 08:46

New Year, new trends...
  Every year is bringing another fashion decade back. Last few years 70's were absolute hit, and last years 90's made their comeback. But were are THE 80's? Did we skip them? NO WE DIDN'T!
Craziest fashion decade is coming back this year, he '80s are expected to overtake the women's market and you better be ready to rule it.

Bright colours, shoulder pads and metallic fabric are officially cool again. Here's how to give them a modern spin.

1. Big shoulders

  This trend is definitely coming back but in it's modern way. Shoulders haven't hit streets that hard jet, but don't call old lady in the grocery store old-fashioned anymore because she and her pads are totally back on track.

Vouge Spain

Jacquemus : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2016/2017


2. Metallic, metallic, metallic

  Silver, gold, coloured doesn't even matter as long as it shines. This trend has been on for some time now and it's still not ready to leave. With just one statement peace you can power up whole outfit and that is way we love this trend even more.



Blumarine Fall 2012




    Harper's Bazaar Australia

3. Monochromatic

  Just one colour? How fun can it be? Believe me, A LOT!!! And we won't even mention black and white...

Gianni Versace, Harper's Bazaar
                                              pinterest.com                                                                                  American Vogue, January 1989                                                                                                               


Romantic and sexy? Yes, it's definitely red...

Blair Eadie, via Atlantic-Pacific


Hello sunshine! 

Leigh Lezark (Foc Kan/Wireimage)


Blue is the colour of the sky and sea and it symbolises  wisdom, confidence, intelligence so you better rock it! 

via Stockholm Street Style


We all know orange is new black.

Hanneli Mustaparta (Melodie Jeng/Getty Images)


And princess for the end.

Article from Gabriela Ganem

4. Plisse

  One more trend that has been here for hew seasons now but there is no doubt that  2017 will be huge year for plisse
 Saved from WordPress.com

 Article from Vogue Magazine
                                                             Issey Miyake Pre-Fall 2016                                                                           

                                              Valentino Fall 2016                                                         



Article from Who What Wear

5. Denim 

  Denim definitely isn't trend, it is immortal and essential but as everything each fashion period brings their own denim trends. So be prepared to see a lot of oversized jackets, mini and mid skirts, onesies and those objectively ugly, but to all of us irresistible mum's jeans this season. 

Mademoiselle magazine, November 1987







All pictures are downloaded from pinterest.com .
Ivana Vuković

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