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Top travel destinations this year

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

  If you ask me, traveling is one of the greatest joys in life. The experience of seeing new places, meeting new people and their culture can't be replaced with all the books you read and stories you hear. Alone or with a company it depends only on you. In my case it is always better to have someone to share those memorise with but either way it is most important to have fun. Don't be scared to get lost in the streets, go to some not so touristy places and interact with locals. Beauty of nature in combined with extraordinary architecture and human souls can create incredibly beautiful things. So don't sit on your couch anymore, buy a ticket for plane, train, bus doesn't even matter. Go somewhere, it doesn't have to be far away. Believe me, you'll find some pretty ace places near you so don't make excuses anymore. Just open your eyes and let this wonderful place called Earth to take your breath away.
  Here are five pretty awesome destinations that are worth a visit in this year. Or any other year but, the sooner the better.  

1. New York City, USA

New York City
  New York City, New York, greatest city it the world. Country jungle. This city is absolutely breathtaking, its vibe, its people, everything. It makes you addicted and you wanna go back again and again and again. Just the feeling that you're in the centre of the world, in the city where anything is possible is incredible. Strolling down the streets of NYC you'll always find something you've seen a million times on big screen. Soho and Central Park are some of my personal favourites. It is also great to take a walk to Columbia University just to see more residential and less touristy part of New York. I could write about NYC for hours,  but I'll just say since I've seen Big Apple there is no other city where I want to live. It was love at first sight.

New York City
Central Park

"The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding."- John Updike

2. Tuscany, Italy

  In my opinion Italy is the world's most beautiful country. Home of pasta, pizza, cappuccino, Versace, Armani and Prada. Home of most beautiful language and most stylish people. Can it get any better? Hardly. Of all its beautiful regions it's hard to choose which one is that one you should visit first. But as the most popular one Tuscany deserves to be that one. Florence, Pisa, Siena are breathtaking cities with amazing history that will make you speechless. Tuscany is the home of some incredible people such as Leonardo da Vinci and Dante Alighieri. Explore small streets, eat some gelato, rent a car and get lost in the hills, don't forget about wine tasting and last but not least, go to small villages which have preserved the true Italian soul.


"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life" - Anna Akhmatova

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia 

  You have to visit Dubrovnik! We call it The Pearl of the Adriatic, nowadays people may also know it as King's Landing. This is a city with the amazing history. If only stones could talk those walls would tell us some pretty crazy stories. Objectively Dubrovnik is Croatia's most beautiful city. Subjectively it's second, but don't judge me. It is place for hedonism, go to some pretty little restaurant, chill on a beach and don't forget to visit at least one Dalmatians islands like Korčula or Mljet.

“If you want to see paradise on Earth, come to Dubrovnik.”- George Bernard Shaw

4. Havana, Cuba 

  Cuba is definitely a country on my current wish list. One of the last countries under the communist regime is for sure interesting place to visit. This unusual place of rum, cigarets and revolution is a perfect holiday destination for those who want unique adventure. A place where everything is a bit "retro" and where people are simple and seemingly happy like they are stuck in some better and simpler time- time of idealism and true human values. Place where people still talk to each other and also place where music and hot Caribbean rhythms are everywhere. So it is the perfect time to see real Cuba before it disappears.

Article from Saveur 

Cuba is such a beautiful country, and everywhere you go, there's music and people dancing - especially in Havana."- Julia Sawalha

5. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong

    One more on my wish list is this beauty. Hong Kong is located on the souther coast of China surrounded by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. It is known for its skyscrapers and a large natural harbour. With a relatively small area and seven million inhabitants  is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. This is fascinating and dynamic city that combines the best of East and West. Hong Kong can offer you anything you can imagine and it's definitely worth a visit.

Hong Kong
Saved from flickr.com
Hong Kong
Article from WordPress.com
"You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you."- Nury Vittachi

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